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Your personal data shall be handled by us, both manually and through data processing systems, with the purpose of a) meeting your requests (no consent required) and pursuing activities in the fields of b) marketing, promotional activities and forwarding of information material relating to services and products offered by our organisation (consent required). Data transmission is not compulsory, but needed in order to meet your requests. Your data may be transmitted to other controlled or related companies. The data shall not be publicly disclosed. Lastly, we wish to remind you that, in order to exercise the rights provided for by article 7 of the Code concerning the protection of personal data (access, amendment, deletion, objection to the handling of your data, etc.), you may contact the Person in Charge of Handling the Data, by writing to: Отель Эксельсиор Палас, Улица Сан Микеле ди Пагана, 8 ,Рапалло,Генуя,Италия - 16035, +39 0185 23 06 66

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Перечисленные выше личные данные будут использоваться только для отправки информационных бюллетеней. В случае, если Вы намерены воспользоваться правом на отмену Ваших личных данных, просим сообщить нам об этом по адресу электронной почты